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Fueled by Passion: The Many Lives of PJ O’Clair

Originally posted November 8, 2017 on PJ O’Clair is firmly ensconced in the fitness world. She’s the owner of ClubXcel and Northeast Pilates, a Senior Master Trainer for Toronto – based Merrithew, a Senior Master Course Instructor for TRX, a past rec
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Perfection is overrated…

by PJ O’Clair Commit to excellence not perfection. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a powerful presentation by a colleague in the fitness industry, Haley Perlus, a mental conditioning coach with a PhD in sport and exercise psychology and a professor at the University of
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Join PJ O’Clair for her Fascial Movement Foundation Course!

Join STOTT PILATES® Master Trainer PJ O’Clair in beautiful Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA for the newly released MERRITHEW™ Fascial Movement Foundation Course, Level One Watch the video: MERRITHEW™ Fascial Movement Foundation Course with PJ O’Clair Pj Oclair, STOTT PILATES® Master Tr
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Training smart for running a 5K

Train SMART for your first or next 5K

by PJ O’Clair Are you planning your first 5K this spring or summer; or are you simply hoping to improve your finish time or your post-race state of mind? The only thing worse than finishing dead last in a 5K is feeling totally wiped out at the finish line. Instead of running 3.1
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Daylight Savings Time and How it Affects Us

This weekend millions of Americans will adjust their clocks one hour ahead in honor of DST; Daylight Savings Time. How and when did Daylight Savings Time begin? You can thank Benjamin Franklin for inventing the concept, he created it to conserve energy in the summer months. By moving
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Do the same thing, get the same results.

You no doubt have heard this quote before, “do the same thing, get the same results,” but have you ever related it to your exercise routine? Or perhaps, lack thereof? What activities do you do in the course of your morning? Think about this from the moment you wake up. If you are like
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smart watch for increased movement

Bottom Line…Move More!

There are all sorts of activity tracking devices on the market today, pedometers, Fitbits®, Jawbone wristbands, smart watches, even your phone comes equipped with tracking features. Yet, with all these devices prompting us to move, hard data reveals that the average North American is
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IDEA weight loss food portions

Take control of the scale … here’s a handful of weight-loss advice!

by PJ O’Clair Recent polls in both North America and the UK state that those of us living in cold winter destinations admit to gaining an average of 4 – 5 pounds between the months of November and March. Half of those polled blamed it on the weather, claiming that frigid temps, short
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winter workout running outside

Top Ten Tips for Winter Workouts from PJ O’Clair

Exercising outside during the winter months is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the fresh air – you just need to be prepared for the elements. Here are ten tips to make sure you maximize your winter workouts while being safe and comfortable (and hopefully having some fun!) Top Ten Ti
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PJ O'Clair instructing 3 core exercises

Confessions of a Pilates Master Instructor: 3 Favorite Core Exercises

PJ O’Clair was recently published her 3 Favorite Core Exercises on the website of the American Council on Exercise. The article was written in conjunction with Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist and Senior Health and Fitness Editor for the American Council on Exercise Pilat
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