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What is

ZEN•GA™ is a synergistic blend of mind-body modalities, supported by exercise science and the newest findings in fascial fitness.  ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolizes a pathway to reach it. Together they form ZEN•GA, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow. When applied together, these principles bring awareness of how the body and the mind move in tandem.

ZEN•GA focuses on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. The increase in demand on the neuromuscular system affords the benefits of improved strength, enhanced elasticity and creates a more youthful, resilient and fluid body. To earn the designation as a ZEN•GA Instructor, one must complete a Foundation Course and receive the Certificate of Completion.



How do I get started?

Thank you for your interest in ZEN•GA™ Instructor Training. By using the tabs above you will be able to learn more about the courses and workshops offered in this discipline. There is also a FAQ section and a schedule of upcoming courses.

How do I enroll?

Fill out the on-line application form by clicking on the buttons at right. Call the studio at 978-526-0002 if you have questions. We’re happy to help.
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ZEN•GA™ is a teaching modality that consciously connects the body and the mind through innovative programming. This evolved methodology is a synthesis of movement applications that have been used for many years, along with information that is only recently being brought to the forefront. Throughout the work, the power lies not only in the movement itself, but rather on a purposeful intention while we move. Through intention and imagery, ZEN•GA will unleash the body from tension and bring more clarity to the mind. We use various props to support the body and to create a focal point to direct our breath allowing for more fl uidity and ease in the physical body.

ZEN•GA™ Instructor Foundation Course, Mat – Level 1

Course Description

The ZEN•GA Mat Course will help us explore the foundational principles that make up the method and apply them to movement programs designed to help reach the desired goals.This is a seven-hour in-class training (plus one-hour break); and some yoga or other mind-body training is highly recommended.

CECs: 0.7 STOTT PILATES and other organizations

ZEN•GA™ Instructor Foundation Course, Equipment – Level 1

Course Description

The Equipment programs created through the ZEN•GA approach to movement allow us to utilize the unique quality of spring resistance. The coiling and uncoiling quality of the springs creates a more fluid, resilient body. The ZEN•GA Equipment Course will help us explore the principles that make up the method and apply them to movement programs designed to reach the desired goals. This is a seven-hour in-class training (plus one-hour break); and some yoga or other mind-body training is highly recommended.

CECs: 0.7 STOTT PILATES and other organizations

ZEN•GA Workshops are created by the Merrithew Health & Fitness™ programming team. 

RECOMMENDED: Complete ZEN•GA™ Workshops to receive further programming content and choreography that is not covered in the courses. Currently there are six ZEN•GA workshops; two equipment-based, and four mat-based and many more to follow. See additional information on workshops offered. All workshops will provide CECs from STOTT PILATES® and other organizations.

Please note: Taking workshops alone without participating in the Foundation Course will not qualify you as a ZEN•GA Instructor.

ZEN•GA™ Mindful Movement: Breathing Workout

This mindful movement workout is based on the foundation that proper breathing is the key to a healthy, nourished and vibrant body. We use the breath to activate movement from the inside-out so we can concentrate on optimizing the core connection and mobility of the spine, hips and shoulder girdle. The exercises presented incorporate the Mini Stability Ball™ and aim to improve posture, relieve the body of negative tension, and strengthen the core.

ZEN•GA™ V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*, Level 1

Experience a one-of-a-kind ZEN•GA Vinyasa routine on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer. This new and innovative program offers a unique application of the foundational principles resulting in an innovative fusion workout that focuses on clarity of the mind, core strength and stability, stamina, and resilience that will bring more mindful movement to your practice. By holding postures against the spring-loaded resistance of the Reformer, and with the added benefit of new exclusive accessories, these new ZEN•GA Flow™ movements engage every muscle, heighten body awareness, and enhance the mind-body connection.

ZEN•GA™ V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*,  Level 2

There is no other program available that compares with the ZEN•GA V2 Vinyasa routine on the revolutionary V2 Max Plus Reformer with specifically designed accessories. This mindful movement routine features the inventive fusion of conventional and original foundational movement principles. This unique routine focuses on stability of the body, flexibility of the joints and clarity of the mind. The second-level program challenges coordination and strength by adding longer static holds against the Reformer’s spring resistance. Having learned the patterns and positions in Level 1, you can now increase the demands on the neuromuscular system and reap the benefits of strength and stamina—resulting in overall improved fitness.

ZEN•GA™ Fluid Conditioning with the Mini Stability Ball™

This fluid dynamic workout includes sequences of movements that transition gracefully from one to the next. The Mini Stability Ball brings awareness to the deep stabilizing muscles of the body throughout this flowing workout and encourages focus on core connection and peripheral suppleness. Combining balance, strength and fluid mindful movement, this routine will bring a sense of composure to any group or personal training environment.

ZEN•GA™ Flowing Sequences

A moving meditation, this mindful workout combines elements of movement and fl ow with a deep awareness of connection and control. The workout promises to increase circulation, stimulate the central nervous system, and improve flexibility all while strengthening the mind-body connection. The fluid fl oor-based sequences feature a greater focus on core strength, balance and coordination. If you’d like to have the grace of a dancer, with the power of a warrior, this workout is definitely for you

ZEN•GA™ Power & Strength

Energize both your body and mind with this fluid but powerful workout. Experience first-hand how the foundational principles of the ZEN•GA method are explored in a routine that brings calm and peace to the mind and strength and control to the body. This challenging mat-based program includes all components of fitness training—the pace will rev up the cardiovascular system, the fluidity of the sequences will enhance flexibility, and the controlled stationary holds result in improved total-body strength. Discover how this unique program can be a potent adjunct to a workout routine by bringing the concept of mindful movement to your training.

ZEN•GA™ V2 Vinyasa on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*, Levels 1 & 2

These mindful movement routines offer a unique blend of conventional and original foundational movement principles. When these two methods are combined, they create innovative fusion workouts that focus on clarity of the mind, core stability, strength, and resilience. By holding postures against the spring-loaded resistance of the Reformer, and with the added benefit of new exclusive accessories, these new sequences will engage every muscle, heighten body awareness, and enhance the mind-body connection. Learn the patterns and positions, then increase endurance and stamina by holding them longer, resulting in overall improved fitness.

Foundation Course Objectives

Upon completion of the ZEN•GA Instructor Foundation course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion designating you as a ZEN•GA Instructor.  You will have learned everything you need to:

  1. Explain the origins of ZEN•GA and be able to define what it is
  2. Summarize the ZEN•GA principles – Breath, Support, Yield, Flow – and explain how they are incorporated in movement.
  3. Teach a ZEN•GA Foundation class to any level participant.
  4. Effectively teach ZEN•GA programming to a client at any level.
  5. Explore foundational movement patterns and the fascial system through movement.
  6. Experience programming ideas that bring the principles to application.

Prerequisite – These courses are intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement who hold a related certification and/or degree. Individuals who do not possess this background may still participate in the courses and will be issued a letter of completion, but will not be granted an instructor qualification. A history of participation in fitness or movement is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take these courses.

Equipment used in the courses

V2 Max Plus™ Reformers, Vinyasa Triangle, Padded Platform Extender, Jumpboard, 10″ Mini Stability Ball™ & 12” Mini Stability Ball™

Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Credits
By successfully completing each course participants earn 0.7 STOTT PILATES CECs and other organizations.